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Mix Infinity Rosebox | Bridal Pink & Pure White | M

Mix Infinity Rosebox | Bridal Pink & Pure White | M

The natural roses of our Infinity Collection are preserved by means of a special method and last for one to three years. They are a highlight in any setting and give you years of pleasure.

The boxes of our Marble Collection are grafted in a fine marble look and are charming as a stylish and luxurious accessory. The pink gold finish gives it an exclusive glow.

Can be customised in any colour you could wish for. Custom orders upon request.

Our rosebox in size medium is versatile all-rounder. Celebrate birthdays and weddings with it or give a loved one a gift “just because” that is guaranteed to fit into any interior. The hand-arranged bouquet consists of quality roses with a large head, which are only purchased once you have placed your order.

Roses count: min. 25

Rose design

Rose colour

Aquamarine Vibrant Red Pure White Burgundy Velvet Plum Violet Vain Gold Sunny Yellow Perfect Peach Orange Flame Ocean Blue Minty Green Hot Pink Green Glow Emerald Green Bridal Pink Cool Lavender Champagne Black Beauty Baby Pink Baby Blue Baby Lilli Antique Pink

2. Rose color

Pure White Vibrant Red Bridal Pink

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