Velvet Dream Set

Velvet Dream Set

The magnificent arrangements of our Splendid Collection with their colourful flowers and classic curves are enchanting. Each Splendid bouquet is garnished with fine tissue paper. Combined with the soft scent of peonies, the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine this the perfect duet. The Classic Brush is the ideal companion and lets your roses shine like on the first day for years to come.

This exclusive set offered at special conditions contains: SPLENDID INFINITY BRIDAL PINK (S) | PURE PEONY & JASMINE (M) | CLASSIC BRUSH (ONE SIZE)

Box size in cm: Ø 15 x 15

Roses count: min. 15

Candle size M: 220 g | ∅ 82 x 93 mm | Burn time: 50 hours

The boxes in our Velvet Collection are grafted with velvet and unique in their soft touch. The noble finish gives this rosebox that certain something, making it stand out in a special way.

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